My collection of things I LOVE to create: Stained Glass, Fused Glass, Wired and Beaded Jewelry, and Paper Craftings of Greeting Cards, Scrapbooking Items, Party Décor, and Seasonal Décor.

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A necklace of copper wire, chain, hand dyed fibers, and a pendant cluster of handmade lampwork beads and gemstones.

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Many barrettes are available in many sizes. all handmade fused glass by Rene’e at Glasspaperrocks, or OnTheFrontPorch! great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers.Sale of 10% OFF on Etsy sight!

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"Let What You Love Be what You Do"

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Chunky coral, sterling silver, a crisp white shirt and blue jeans…Welcome Fall

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She turned her cant’s into cans and her dreams into plans…
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